Helping People Connect People

PowerStaffing365 is a complete Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Operational Accelerator Designed Specifically for Staffing, Recruiting, and Outsourcing Companies


Web form Capture

Webform data flows from the web to PowerStaffing365 without anyone needing to be involved.

Track Sales Progress

Track the progress of interested individuals from the webform submission to new store opening.

Document management

With PowerStaffing365 all your documents and disclosures are stored safely and with easy access.

Modern Interface

Users will enjoy working in PowerStaffing365’s clean, organized, familiar web interface.


No company is ever exactly the same. PowerStaffing365 can be customized to your exact needs.

Mobile Enable

Staffing executives spend lots of time out of the office. Access your data anytime via mobile device.

Proven Platform

PowerStaffing365 is built on the wildly popular and enterprise ready Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We chose the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for its enterprise level reliability, cutting edge cloud technology, and consistent quality. Companies around the globe have trusted Microsoft with their businesses for decades. Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the foundation for PowerStaffing365 was a rather easy decision to make.

SEEMLESS Compatability

Businesses work better when their tools work together. Enjoy seamless compatibility between PowerStaffing365 and your other Microsoft Office products. 


PowerStaffing365’s cutting edge cloud architecture provides easy user access, enterprise level security, and uptime reliability that will keep users working.

See PowerStaffing365 in Action

Not sure if PowerStaffing365 is right for your business? No worries! Why not see it in action?

Because we know seeing is believing in the software world, we have a complete fictional staffing, recruiting, and outsourcing company set up to show you exactly what any PowerStaffing365 customer would experience. In the demo, you will see all the features and function in action just as you would if you were using it yourself.

After the demo, if you are still not convinced PowerStaffing365 is a perfect fit, we can provide you with a FREE 30-day trial for you and your team to take for a test drive. All we need is a little information to get the demo scheduled.

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